Don Bosco Child Protection Centre

Don Bosco Child Protection Centre

Project Implementation

The Centre uses an integrated rehabilitation process to enhance holistic human growth for the survivors of human trafficking rescued and brought to the Centre. The following activities were undertaken as major events during the first half of the reporting year 2016;

1. Residency

The Centre has worked with 36 victims within this reporting period (January to June). This comprised of twenty-nine (29) boys and seven (7) girls.

Twenty-seven (27) victims were discharged from the Centre to the agencies who rescued them and reintegrated them. At the moment, nine (9) children are residing at the centre.  Eight of them are enrolled into formal education and one is still undergoing rehabilitation to be enrolled in formal education in the 2016/2017 academic year. 

2. Medicals

The Centre ensured that appropriate medical care was provided for each victim during the reporting period. Each child was given special attention and good medical care according to their individual health needs. For the past 6 months, most of them had malaria and other minor health issues. They were treated with prescribed medications at the hospital by professional doctors.

3. Reintegration

Out of the 36 children worked with during the last 6 months, twenty-six (27) were reintegrated to their communities of origin in collaboration with the rescuing partners. The number reintegrated comprised of twenty -four (24) boys and three (3) girls. 

4. After Care

The Centre continues to support some of the victims who are with their families and with foster families. To prevent re-trafficking of any form and to ensure the survivors continue their education in formal school setting, the Centre assists in the payment of the school fees and provides school supplies to some reintegrated children.

Currently, the Centre supports fully 25 children who were enrolled into formal education after the rehabilitation period. Eleven (11) boys in Sunyani Don Bosco Boys Home who attend community schools, eight (8) children -comprising six (6) boys and two (2) girls- are also attending community schools and residing in the Centre. However, the four (4) boys in Koforidua boarding school were withdrawn and integrated to their family settings. The four boys now attend community schools and are still been assisted by the Centre. The eight children are still in the Centre due to the peculiar nature of most of their cases. The tracing of the families of most of them is a bit difficult but the Centre is progressively working at achieving some good results.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Out of the eight, two can not go home due to extreme cases of poverty and sickness. One child’s case is pending in court. It is clear that the Centre and its partners need an extended time to make sure they have conducive environment when reintegrated. One girl is also enrolled into one year intensive Beauty Care program through the partnership with AGREES. The Centre was successful in finding a foster parent for two girls who completed one year vocational training. They still receive regular counseling support from the Centre.