Don Bosco Child Protection Centre

Don Bosco Child Protection Centre

Intervention Areas

Don Bosco Child Protection Centre helping children at risk.


Rescuing trafficked children is to remove them from the hazardous, exploitative, and sometimes life-threatening conditions of forced labour that deprive them of a healthy childhood. The rescue is done by the Criminal Investigation Department of Ghana Police and the NGO Right To Be Free


The rationale behind rehabilitation is to enable the child victims to reach full or some degree of recovery and complete the healing process before returning back to their community of origin or helping them with integration if that is the option available. This is to foster the child’s growth and development into a responsible and productive adult who will make a contribution to his or her society. 


The main goal of sending the rescued and rehabilitated children back to their communities of origin or parents or guardians is that they are much better off in their care in most cases rather than in the trafficking situation. However, the option of integration or institutional care at one of Don Bosco facilities in Ghana with family visit option will also be available under the DBCPC program. 


The primary purpose of reintegration is to nurture and support the victim’s development in a comfortable environment that is conducive to motivating him or her to flourish as a normal person in society and to have a meaningful life which will not make him/her vulnerable to be re-trafficked. 

Support parents/guardians/fishermen

It has been realized that most parents send their children away partly because of poverty. Therefore, the income generating activities and the micro-credit assistance will be given to the parents or guardians of trafficked children to improve their standard of living and help them to be responsible and cater for their children. At the same time, the fishermen will receive provisions and implements to enable them engage in alternative livelihoods.